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1976: this is the Helan brand

Its name is an acronym made with the words:

HEL-IOS (sun) AN- IMUS(soul, spirit)

Its name is an acronym made with the words HELIOS (sun) and ANIMUS (soul, spirit).
Thus, Sun-filled Soul, to signify that the company’s spirit must be clear, warm and full of energy like
the sun, source of all life.
The logo, half a distillation bottle and half a stylized leaf, represents the union of Nature and Research, to gather from Nature its most intimate secrets by distilling the leaf to obtain the purest active principles.
laboratory cosmetics: because Helan wants to communicate that its products are made from natural raw materials treated with the scientific precision used in research laboratories.
efficacy of the herbs: all our projects are strongly rooted in the firm belief of botanic activity expressed in quality, active ingredients.
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