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Protective Restructuring Program
For meches bleached or dyed ha

The products we use to dye our hair are usually quite aggressive on the hair stem. Indeed, dyeing implies a first stage of bleaching, which alters the natural acidity of capillary structures and depletes the protective hydrolipidic film. After these treatments, even healthy, shiny and full-bodied hair can become dry and opaque, lose elasticity and become difficult to comb. Moreover, dyes are sensitive to light and often tend to fade due to the effect of UV rays.

Program 7 addresses the specific needs of this kind of hair, using active ingredients that perform a highly protective action and, therefore, effectively restructure and strengthen the hair.

Faithful to its tradition and philosophy, HELAN has developed 3 restructuring formulations and strictly applied specific processes that use traditional and yet innovative natural substances.

THE OUTCOME: Cohesion and Color


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