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Specific Program
For oily hair and hair with greasy dandruff
For hair with dry dandruff

If hair gets dirty quickly and after a couple of days after washing it already looks greasy, this may depend on dietary, hormonal or hereditary factors, but oftentimes things are worsened by the use of too-aggressive shampoos that overwork the glands.
Dandruff consists of small white scales due to an acceleration in cell turnover in the scalp and to the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands.
The areas subject to dandruff are normally characterized by the presence of a yeast - Pityrosporum ovalis – which is believed to be responsible for the inflammatory reaction of the skin to cell proliferation and pH alteration.

HELAN has developed 4 formulations that do not alter the physiological condition of the skin, helping it restore imbalances in the microflora and reducing skin defects, redness and discomfort.

THE OUTCOME: Purification - Sebum Regulation – Irritation and Itching Prevention

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