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Loss Prevention Program
For fragile subjects to thinning hair

Hair does not grow constantly. It alternates periods of great vitality and periods of rest, when it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, which – having completed their life cycle - are immediately replaced. It is therefore equally normal to notice an increase in hair loss in autumn.

Boldness, also known as alopecia or hair loss, consists in the absence of hair in areas of the scalp where it is normally present. The causes of hair loss may be:
- temporary, as a result of periods of fatigue or stress, a very strict or uncontrolled diet, etc.
- changes in hormonal activity with a reduction, especially in women, in the production of estrogens, as is the case after delivery or after menopause
- due to ageing, when, because of a slowdown in cell activity and the action of free radicals, the hair stem weakens and becomes thinner, growing much slower and therefore resulting in sparse hair.

When the first signs of hair thinning appear, we have to try and tackle the problem by immediately finding the most suitable treatment, like the 4 products used in this program.

THE OUTCOME: Growth and Vitality


Revitalizing Conditioner

€ 15.50
100 ml

Revitalizing Shampoo

€ 14.50
200 ml
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