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The Elisir Antitempo d'Oro Line is enriched with new treatment products that have innovative, state of the art formulas to cleanse and actively protect the skin from pollution and oxidization as well as natural make-up.

Whether it is the passing of time itself, specific times of the year or certain physiological circumstances, skin may become thinner, more fragile, losing tone and nourishment.
That’s when wrinkles and blemishes may form or worsen in the most delicate areas of the face. Treatments to counteract the slackening skin and signs of aging from physiological drops in hormone production
are therefore needed.
The environment, always more polluted by fumes and gas that increase UV damages, is another important skin beauty enemy.

HELAN has placed two of its traditional, specific D'Oro products for face, neck and décolleté side by side in order to effectively fight this battle on more than one front. These are able to bring out a woman’s beauty at all ages thanks to their complementary actions, a new line of formulas geared towards protecting from pollutants and preserving moisture, nourishment, firmness and skin elasticity.

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