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Silky, incredibly smooth and firm...

these are the features of baby's skin. It needs special attention and treatment due to the young structure which is still developing.

Avoid exposing baby’s skin to the sun. When games at the beach do begin, remember to expose baby’s skin gradually, always protecting it with specific sun filters, with delicate, natural, non-irritating substances, void of synthetics, to snuggle and care for baby's delicate skin. This aids in proper skin development and strengthening because its physiological and histological features are different from adult skin:

• the horney layer is thinner;
• in the basal layer of the skin, cells that produce melanin are in lower quantity with consequent lower natural protection from the action of UV rays;
• the deeper skin layer is more sensitive, with smaller, more immature collagen and elastic fibers;
• the sebaceous glands are poorly active (the skin is odorless) and will remain like that until puberty.

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