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9 months of expecting…
an occasion to take care of yourself
before and after birth…
naturally with HELAN

Expecting is a magical period of time in which a woman takes on a new sense of self, seeing herself in that upcoming event that will enhance the very heart of her family circle.

The Lineasnuggles for 9 monthshas been formulated to help the skin best adjust to the changes linked to pregnancy and breastfeeding and has placed safety at the heart of its research by carrying out:
• a careful Selection of a restricted number of raw materials to avoid any kind of risks
• meticulous Formulas to harmonize the synergetic effects of active ingredients
• scrupulous Production to ensure product purity and stability

A complete line of products with the most updated formulas to prevent and reduce blemishes as well as regenerate and tone the skin all over the body, so you can live your pregnancy like a fairy tale.

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