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Respect for
the Environment

We subscribe to the CLEAN ENERGY program which certifies that HELAN respects the environment, because every single Kwh of electricity used by the company is produced from renewable sources without the use of fossil fuels. This is verified by the international DNV organization.

Respect for the environment is an essential part of HELAN’s company philosophy, which is why we put maximum attention in the research of eco-friendly packaging, using recycled material, that come from sustainable sources or which, in turn, can be recycled as well.

The Research & Development Lab and the Marketing department have worked closely together putting maximum attention to investigate and employ both primary and secondary packaging with low environmental impact, making sure it comes from sustainable sources which, once used, can be recycled as well.
For the primary packaging they identified two types of bottles and labels:

  • in bio-based plastic, which comes from the waste of sugarcane cultivations. Its process has a low environmental impact as it is obtained from renewable sources, thus not of petrochemical origin, and it recycles a waste product that otherwise should be disposed of.
  • in RPET, which comes from post-consumer recycled plastic waste. In these case they are also combined with a label made with an innovative material that helps the recovery of PET by increasing the quality of recycling.

For the secondary packaging (boxes, promotional material and wrapping) Helan selected certified paper and cardboard coming from forests which were harvested in a responsible manner.

We suggest to turn off the water while using any detergent (shampoos, conditioners and masks) under the shower.

We exclude since always solid micro-plastics and fluid plastic derivate such as acrylates and silicones which don’t have any skin affinity in addition to having a terrible environmental impact.

Helan has placed an even greater attention in the raw materials used for suncare, since these products are in contact with the environment and sea water more directly compared to the other cosmetic products.

We have the formulae tested by a third party laboratory for their biodegradability in seawater, to grant a minimum impact on the environment which is necessary to preserve the marine eco-system.

Read about our Policies on Quality and Environment here.

for Animals

Since 1976, HELAN has always collaborated with the Italian animal rights associations (LEAL, LAV, PETA) and has always supported a philosophy of non-animal testing. We had standardized our supply of raw material according to these norms already by the 3rd of April 1998, date in which the ban on cosmetic testing on animals should have come out.

The lack of an adequate effort to finance the research in this field led to a delay in the application of this ban in Europe for two times, until the 11th of March 2013, when a total ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes was issued.

HELAN had already adhered to the Non Testing Standard, the only disciplinary recognized on an international level, which was able to indicate to consumers the cosmetic companies that were not involved in animal experimentation and that put effort and energy into not commissioning or carrying out animal testing on either their products or the raw materials they were made of. Having shown respect for these standards and having successfully passed ICEA evaluations, HELAN obtained the certificate n°002 as further recognition of its commitment to transparency towards the market.

The HELAN VEGAN logo indicates those formulations that employ raw material not deriving from the animal world and is not applicable to those products that use a restricted selection of ingredients connected to bee-keeping (royal jelly, propolis, honey, wax…) which are not compatible with a vegan lifestyle.

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