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Our headquarters are located in the area of Casella, situated in the green countryside behind Genoa, Italy. The building covers over 7,500 sq metres, surrounded by further 12,000 sq metres outside. The building meets our logistic and organizational needs and is immersed in an environment that suits our ever-loyal philosophy linked to nature. Each and every product is created within our laboratory with an artisanal care and the help of technologically advanced equipment, in exceptional conditions of hygiene of machineries and packaging.

Our new location opened up the opportunity to modernize the production plant, obtaining ample energy savings by introducing a steam system that heats up the equipment and then cools it through a closed cycle, which also consequentially reduces the consumption of working water. Moreover, the production of hot water for sanitary use is obtained by solar panels, further supporting an innovative and sustainable management.

The presence of new spaces has furthermore allowed us to create an automated plant for order processing to satisfy customer needs in the most timely manner.


Our products are entirely conceived, created and packaged in Italy to ensure the proper care of all the company’s employees, which is impossible to verify for goods manufactured in other countries. We aim to avoid useless wastes in energy and transport in favour of unfair quotations, in order to do our small part in helping the country’s economic growth and to offer a better future to our children.

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